This is Inox

We offer tools for your HR support of the majority of job givers, as well as a simple and convenient organizer tool for people who are looking for work. Our manufacturers have made everything clear, so that you do not even read the guides on the offer of our predictive software.

At the request of the client, we customize our tools
We test according to the tasks
We carry out a cyclic health check and optimize
Ongoing support from our product consultants

Are you an employer?
from 320€/per month
discussing your wishes regarding the optimization of recruitment
form the right set of tools for you
train your HR managers
accompany the performance of our tools, and advise
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Are you looking for a job?
from 130€/per month
providing our tools to speed up job searches
special bot that will always notify you when your resume has been viewed
operational advice and support
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Charles Ramos
Wendy Turner
HR manager
Donna Clark
Project manager
Paul Soto
Frontend developer

Our Vision

We are focusing on the current year, when more and more processes need to be optimized, automated with a focus on the IT sphere, so we have chosen a digitalization strategy in the field of recruiting for a person who is looking for a job or wants to have more competent and efficient managers. Based on all this, our main task is to promote our modern tools for a simpler and more understandable interaction in the labor market.

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